Top 10 Best Phone Watches for Kids in 2021

Best Phone Watches For Kids

So, do you need a kids’ smart watch? Smartwatches are just one of the newest devices that people are using to keep track of the time and stay in touch with the people and places they love. However, some parents are concerned that their children might not be able to keep up with the latest technology so instead they should get a normal or a classic watch. Here is a look at the best ones that will help your child learn how to keep up with the times.

1. Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids

If you are looking for a new watch and do not want to shell out a lot of money then the Vowor 4G Smartwatch for kids is the best one available in the market. This smart watch comes with advanced features and provides all the necessary features that will help you track your kid’s activities. You can get the latest update information as well as the historical information about the activity of your child. If you are worried about your kid’s sleeping pattern, moods, eating habits and so on, this watch helps a lot by providing you with a detailed history of all these factors. You can also set it to different modes like alarms, timers, sport timers, sleep timers etc and even check the battery level.

Best Phone Watches for Kids - Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids

The watch comes with two modes namely, Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Time Window. In addition to all these amazing features of the Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids you can also find an alarm clock along with some cool additional features. The alarm clock feature enables you to wake up your child by pressing a few buttons from the watch face. In this mode you can customize the waking options like number of times the alarm will sound and day chosen wake up time etc. Other great additions which are provided with this watch are the sport timers and the stopwatch.


  • GPS enabled smartwatch
  • Comfortable silicone straps
  • Large and clear watch face
  • Waterproof design (IP67)
  • Unisex smartwatch

The best thing about the Vowor Smartwatch for Kids is that they come with a good price tag of $150 and this is actually just a small part of what you get when you buy it. Moreover, the best part about it is that you will get a two-year guarantee period with this smartwatch. One thing which I am not too happy about is that the watch face of the Vowor watches does not have any backlight and this means that you will always be in the dark when you need to see something on the watch. However, the good thing is that you do not have to worry about this as there are a number of Vowor smart watches that have backlights and you can get these by going through the Vowor website.

2. MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch for Boys and Girls

The MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch for both boys and girls is an exciting electronic gadget with features that every little kid would surely love. The built in pedometer keeps track of your heart rate, calories burned, and the distance you have walked while engaging in different activities. It also comes with a built-in flash light that automatically turns on when you take a break from viewing the TV and comes with a five-day battery warranty as well as a one year limited warranty for defects in material or workmanship. In addition to this, it also comes with a built-in MP3 player, a built-in alarm clock, and many other features that are sure to please your kids.

Best Phone Watches for Kids - MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch for Boys and Girls

The way it operates is simple. As the kids wear the MeritSoar Kids Smart Watches on their wrists, it counts the number of steps they take, record their heartbeats, and then calculates the calories they burn by using the data provided. They can set goals for the future, too, such as how long they would like to walk for miles, or how long they would like to run for miles. When the goal is met, the device reverts to its original settings so the kids can continue to enjoy their fun activity.


  • Light/portable design
  • Variety of funny games
  • Multilingual system
  • SIM card slot
  • 2G phone network

The MeritSoar Kids Smart Watches for Boys and Girls also includes an application called My Tribe that makes it even easier to keep track of personal stats. It not only tells you the total distance walked, but also whether the kids ran up to a certain point, how many calories they burned, and other useful data. This application can be used on any Android phone and connects wirelessly with most cell phones as well. This can make it much easier to keep track of how your children are progressing physically, as well as helping to encourage them to get off the couch and get moving around. If you have more than one kid, you may also wish to purchase sibling kits that include a fitness tracking unit that will both count the calories burned and monitor the overall progress of each individual. Not only will this give you peace of mind that your kids are getting the exercise they need, but it can help you determine how much activity is needed to meet your fitness goals.

3. Funntech Smart Watch for Kids for Android Phones

The Funntech Smart Watches for Kids for Android Phones is a revolutionary digital timepiece that combines an accurate GPS/clair Sensors watch face with a wide, fully-accessible screen that makes watching your watch easy and convenient. This new digital timepiece from Funntech is perfect for kids who need a fun, entertaining alarm clock that can wake them up to learn the school bus routes or remind them about homework. The interactive e-paper display on the face of the watch makes it easy for kids to play games and trivia with their friends and display their results on the easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, large LCD display. Users can also change the time display to display their personal alarm time, just like adults do. An impressive battery life ensures that this new watch will be with users for many long hours of active applications.

Best Phone Watches for Kids - Funntech Smart Watch for Kids for Android Phones

One of the most exciting features of the Funntech Smart Watch for Kids for Android Phones is its interactive educational program that allows users to earn virtual money through their GPS/clair Sensors watches. This innovative application uses a learning module that gives kids the opportunity to earn virtual cash through various activities, such as answering phone calls, answering surveys and participating in surveys. The more they perform these activities, the more virtual money they earn. Through the advanced call function, users are able to make phone calls on the go. Additionally, this fun and engaging feature make it simple for parents to monitor how their children use their phones and any potentially inappropriate communication.


  • 54-inch touchscreen
  • Multiple applications
  • Soft silicone straps
  • Phone watch mode

The built-in speaker makes it simple to listen to soothing music while using this smart watch for kids for Android Phones. This watch also includes a comfortably padded band for users to keep their wrists in the right position throughout the night’s sleep. Other great features of this watch include a large LCD display that displays what time it is, the built-in memory that stores data, the interactive learning module, and a large LCD display with bright graphics that allow users to view important information easily. These innovative features make this a practical gift for children who may benefit most from such technology.

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4. UMIDIGI Smart Watch

The UMIDIGI Smart Watch is a medical and health monitoring system that comes with a Bluetooth interface and can be used with most cell phones that support Bluetooth technology. The watch has the ability to measure the glucose levels in a person’s blood stream and to send an alert to the monitoring unit when the glucose level falls below a certain point. It is capable of tracking the percentage of a person’s blood glucose which can be very useful for people who need to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels.

UMIDIGI Smart Watch

The device is relatively small and lightweight, even though it is battery powered, as it weighs about one ounce for the watch and it is just over two inches wide. It can easily fit in a shirt pocket or on a belt if necessary and is also water resistant up to thirty minutes for showers or just being washed. Many people have commented that the watch is similar to an automatic blood pressure monitor but it comes with a much larger and more effective display screen and is more user-friendly.


  • Comfortable straps
  • Clear watch face
  • Bluetooth 5.0 adapter
  • Robust call function

One of the key features of the watch is its accuracy in tracking the person’s glucose levels and so many people who use it find that this device is extremely accurate and enables them to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Another feature that is especially appreciated by those who suffer from diabetes or other related health problems is the fact that the device is very easy to read and understand. In addition, some UMIDIGI watches come with other health information technology such as heart rate monitors, exercise thermometers and sleep monitors all of which are extremely useful. Some people who buy the UMIDIGI Smart Watch for medical reasons also use it as a weight loss tool, though this is not fully proven. So far, there is no documented evidence that the device is effective in losing weight, but it can be worn by people as a motivational tool as it reminds them to maintain a healthy body weight. It is a self-motivating tool and can be used by people to stay on track with their weight loss goals and achieve their fitness goals.

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5. YENISEY Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls

The Yeni Watch Company, based in Israel, has brought out a new version of its popular Yensie kids smartwatch. The new model features a unique round dial that is highly responsive and offers kids some fun features and functions that would definitely appeal to their young minds. The new Yensie smartwatch comes with an alarm clock feature that can be used both as a wake up time alarm clock and as a nap timer. It also has the ability to play games with your child, which can keep them entertained during long car rides. The Yensie watch can be paired up with your cellular phone via Bluetooth technology, so you get to enjoy hands-free communication with your child as well as enjoying the convenience of getting accurate information about the kid’s activities during the car ride or sleep.

YENISEY Kids Smartwatch for Boys & Girls

Other notable features of the new Yensie smartwatch for girls include the “ring view”, where you get to see the watch just as it appears in the show room, and a cool voice feature that provide kids with the convenience of having a unique character that says the time out loud when they press the play/pause button. Moreover, the watch comes with two silicone straps that are soft and flexible and can be worn under any outfit, without having to worry about sacrificing the looks of the watch. The watch face of the Yensie watch can be changed easily by using the strap adapters, which makes it possible for you to switch from one strap to another. The bands of this watch are resistant to water and will not get damaged if you accidentally drop it on the floor.


  • High-resolution display
  • Seven enjoyable games
  • Built-in music player
  • Phone with contacts

The meritsoar rating of this smartwatch lies somewhere in between those of the original and the latest Nike kids watches. The circular display of the Yensie smartwatch for girls offers lots of legibility. The material of the silicone straps allows for them to mould into the shape of the wrist, so the watch does not look out of place with respect to the outfit you wear. The other benefit of the meritsoar rating is that the device is very easy to clean. If you take care of your smartwatch well, then you will always be able to use it to its full capacity, and it will last you for a long time, ensuring that you get to enjoy it while it is in your possession.

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6. Kids Music Game Smart Watch

The new My Kids Music Game, a mobile and internet application from Sainsburys is designed to provide the all important critical data that children need in order to make informed music therapy decisions. It allows parents to keep track of the progress of their children in a fun and interactive environment, helping them develop skills and develop a greater understanding of how their child’s behaviour affects the development of his or her mind. With the Smart Watch functionality of the game, it also offers an alarm clock feature that can sound an alert if your child is out of bed, so you don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning – and because the app acts as a teacher and coach as well, it motivates and supports your child in other areas as well, including music therapy and learning.

Kids Music Game Smart Watch

In this kids music game, your child plays the role of both a doctor and a therapist. When the screen detects sounds of distress, it will analyze the data to determine whether it is best to send the patient directly to his parent or whether he should continue on his way. As he makes his way through the playground, he must avoid running into obstacles such as spikes and jocks and stay on the right path. If he falls down, a red light will appear to remind him to pick up his belongings and continue his trip; if he hits the platform on the opposite side, the wall will malfunction and an alarm will sound. As he makes his way through the complex levels, you will be able to see his growth in the form of a chart reflecting his performance.


  • Fun puzzle games
  • Comfortable design
  • High definition camera
  • Round digital clock
  • 2G phone network

One of the highlights of the My Kids Music Game smart watch is the integration of the phone calls feature. The phone calls allow the kids to make phone calls using their mobiles from anywhere in the world. They can even use the phone calls when they are practicing their musical skills. They can play songs, make phone calls and even listen to music stored on their phones – all these features make this a fun and exciting toy for kids to use.

7. Aeifond Smart Watch for Android Phones

The Aeifond Smart Watch for Android phones is a convenient, lightweight and completely customizable timepiece that helps keep track of your schedule, personalised to your own life style. It can be worn as a simple bracelet around the arm or you can opt for the watch’s interchangeable face that lets you change the time display depending on the occasion or environment. You can use the watch as an ordinary wrist watch or choose from a range of accessories that includes a strap, data link or even a voice-recognition device. The watches range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the features that you opt for. Whether you want a smartwatch to help organize your daily schedule or want to add a little personality to your day, there are options to suit your needs and budgets.

Aeifond Smart Watch for Android Phones

The most unique feature of the Aeifond Smart Watch for Android phones is its “answer button” which allows you to answer calls via your wrist without actually picking up the phone. When you press this button, it registers your touch and initiates a call through the same way as a traditional wrist watch. You will find this watch particularly useful for those who have short attention spans, since the answer function means you never miss a call again! As with all smartwatches of this kind, there is a push button to switch off the display and there are also two silicone straps that enable you to wear the watch comfortably over your wrist.


  • Works with most phones
  • Stylish user interface
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Two modes of operation

Another smartwatch for phones that has been recently released is the Belkin Alarm Clockacer for the iPhone, which uses an advanced system of sensors to provide accurate time and weather information in real time. The system works by using the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to detect your actual movement and calculates your average speed based on this information. The watch has a sophisticated image sensor and a proximity sensor that allow it to work even when you are not wearing the watch. The Alarm Clockacer for iPhone is available at more than $100 and comes with a user guide that offers tips and instructions on how to use the product effectively. The watch features an easy to use interface and runs on the Apple iPhone’s native code, so you don’t need an iPhone to use it. Despite the high price, the design and technical specifications of the watch make it highly affordable and extremely practical – making it one of the most popular smart watches for phones out at the moment.

8. Sazooy Smart Watch – Sazooy Bluetooth Smart Watch

The Sazooy Smart Watch is the latest offering from Sazo, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of fitness and health-related accessories. Unlike many of its competitors, Sazooy aims to provide more than simply fashionable timepieces – it wants to provide you with everything you need in one convenient product. And it does just that. With an easy-to-read, colorful display and a plethora of features, the Sazooy watch can help you reach your fitness goals, whether they are of the physical variety or more figurative. And since it’s compatible with a vast range of cellular phones, the Sazooy watch is also a great gift idea.

Sazooy Smart Watch – Sazooy Bluetooth Smart Watch

At first blush, the Sazooy Smart Watch may seem like an awkward combination of technological advances – it features a large, fully-color screen that is easy to read from any distance, it can be paired up with your cellular phone of choice, and it even includes an MP3 player. And while it has all of these modern conveniences, it also manages to combine them in a manner that is far less clumsy than those of its competitors. For example, although Sazooy’s competitor brands all allow you to use your watch as an exercise device (as well as a fashion accessory), they all involve the additional step of charging the watches each time you want to use them. The Sazooy Smart Watch, on the other hand, makes it easy to do yoga exercises while still being able to keep track of your heart rate and other metrics.


  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth/SIM modes
  • Fitness tracker
  • Comfortable design

Beyond its convenience, though, the Sazooy Smart Watch is something else entirely. For one, it comes with a myriad of features that help it keep track of everything that you need to know about your fitness routines. In addition, the Sazooy watch can even be used as an activity tracker, allowing it to determine your metabolic rate so that you can train for any physical activity you’re interested in. And, because it comes pre-loaded with data from popular websites like Nike and Adidas, as well as more than 100 sports and fitness apps, the Sazooy watch can double as a personal trainer for whatever needs you may have. Because the Sazooy watch already comes pre-loaded with a slew of useful apps, it certainly doesn’t need any extra help than what it’s already providing – a computer the size of your palm.

9. PUBU Kids Smart Watch Phone for Girls and Boys

The PUBU Kids Smart Watch is an innovative new kids watch that integrates a few groundbreaking features that have never been seen before in a children’s wrist watch. The first smartwatch on the market to allow children to interact with their favorite songs, games and even sports. Users can personalize their watch with their favorite sport or song and even learn more about statistics and game scores through the built in internet browser. And they can do all this while their favorite music plays in the background. The kids can play their favorite sport, and their PUBU watch will vibrate when it’s their turn to take a shot or throw a tennis ball.

PUBU Kids Smart Watch Phone for Girls and Boys

The second feature PUBU Kids Smart Watch for Girls and Boys has to offer is the integration of a virtual keyboard. This enables the watch to be used as a miniature personal computer by stimulating the user’s brain cells through the power of sound. When entering information into the smartwatch’s memory, the watch will play the phone’s default phone call function, which includes voice commands for input – including text, number and speech patterns.


  • Robust call function
  • Multilingual system
  • Two-way call (plus SOS)
  • SIM/no SIM modes

The PUBU Kids Smart Watch Phone for Girls and Boys comes with a comfortable design, and both the watch’s actual face and the soft silicone straps are shock resistant for maximum protection. The silicone straps also provide a secure fit with a textured finish. Unlike other recent smart phone watches, the PUBU Watch offers a simple but elegant design that incorporates functional benefits with a sleek and fashionable look. The overall design and the functions of the PUBU Watch are clearly geared towards ensuring the best experience possible for children, and the company is very proud of the innovative features included in this creation.

10. INIUPO Children‘s Smart Watch Phone

The new INIUPO children’s watch is an amazing timepiece for any youngster. With features like the ability to make a phone call, it makes sense that this unique watch might be a great gift idea for any child in your life. Of course, this watch is not something that your typical child would be able to just buy on their own. You will need to purchase it online and then ship it directly to the little one in your life.

INIUPO Children‘s Smart Watch Phone

One of the coolest features of this product is that they can be programmed in so many different ways. That means you can have them dial numbers or even set them to play songs from their favorite radio station. If your child is really getting into the game, they may want to be able to set the INIUPO Watch against their favorite sport team. Of course, you should remember that it is not going to be good for their hearing if they constantly have the radio blasting “area vs. ricotta.” However, they will most likely get the point and enjoy it quite a bit more than if it were kept playing in the background while they are trying to learn their ABC’s.


  • Two-way calling
  • Comfortable design
  • Unisex smartwatch
  • SOS technology
  • Micro SD card slot

In addition to all these fun options, INIUPO has also included in their package, a charging stand for the watch. As exciting as it may be for you to get your child an amazing new toy, it may not be as exciting for them. The charging stand is definitely something that your child will appreciate. It allows them to use their watch without having to worry about it getting damaged if they drop it. Of course, the charging stand will also allow them to charge their phone as well.