Best 55 Inches TV in 2021

There are many options for the Best 55 Inches TV for sale, but you just can’t get them at retail prices. Why? Well the Best 55-Inches TV is very difficult to come by, and because of this anyone who has a screen that meets these standards doesn’t have access to them. Retail stores only carry what they need and if your screen isn’t up to the latest standards they will dispose of it. That leaves us the internet and the various online retailers that deal in these types of televisions. When you shop on the web for the Best 55-Inches TV you’ll find that you have the flexibility to set your budget, as well as finding a model that fits your budget.

1. Samsung UN55MU6300 55-Inch Smart LED TV

Consumers in Seattle who are looking for a new television set should consider purchasing the Samsung UN55 MU6300. This flat panel TV is a great selection because it comes with so many features. The curved screen and super sharp picture quality make it one of the best available on the market. When it comes to purchasing televisions the main concern for most consumers is finding a deal, but this one has several great benefits that will help make it even more attractive to buyers.

Best 55 Inches TV - Samsung UN55MU6300 55-Inch Smart LED TV

When you are shopping for a television set, there are a lot of different options to consider. When you are considering a new flat screen unit you will need to think about how much entertainment you want from your television set and how much distance you need to travel. If you are only going to use your television in your home or office then you don’t really need surround sound. If you travel a lot and entertain at several different locations then a sound system is a great feature to have.


  • Multifunctional remote
  • High dynamic contrast
  • Four times better resolution
  • High-quality brightness

Another benefit of having this television set in Seattle is the customer service. There are no dealerships in Seattle, which makes the ability to return the product easier to handle. This also makes it easier to return if you find something wrong with your purchase. Most people prefer to purchase items from stores they already frequent rather than shopping at a brand new store that may not be as helpful when it comes to customer service.

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2. LG Electronics 55UJ6300 55-Inch Smart LED TV

LG Electronics is a global manufacturing company that specializes in the creation of electronic products. One of their most successful products is their flat screen LCD televisions. The LG Electronics flat screen LCD TVs are known for their great resolution, excellent picture quality and other features that set them apart from other televisions on the market. You will find many people who are saying that having a LG television in your home is like having a baby in the family because it’s so small and comfortable to watch. If you haven’t checked out a flat screen LCD yet then there is plenty of time to get to know this brand of television. The following paragraphs below will introduce you to LG Electronics and what they have to offer to the consumer.

Best 55 Inches TV - LG Electronics 55UJ6300 55-Inch Smart LED TV

When you purchase a flat screen LCD for your home there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You should be sure to do your research so that you don’t get ripped off or don’t end up wasting money on a television that isn’t going to give you the quality experience that you want or need. You should check out different stores and compare the prices so that you will see the wide range of LCD flat screen televisions that are available to buy. You will also be able to read reviews so that you can decide if a particular model is right for you.


  • WI-FI connection
  • TruMotion technology
  • Three HDMI slots
  • To USB slots

There are a lot of great benefits when it comes to LG electronics. They produce top notch quality products that consumers have come to love. LG has built a reputation for making high quality electronics that lasts for a long time. They are an innovator when it comes to design and production and are very proud of their contribution to the technology world. If you are interested in buying a flat screen LCD television then you should take a little time to look around at all of the LG options that are available.

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3. TCL 55P607 55-Inch Smart LED TV

The TCL 55P607 55-inch smart LED television was the very first plasma screen TV to use the Liquid Crystal Display or LCD technology. It is a high definition TV, which uses a new flat panel display and an LCD panel. One of the big features is the built in scalar control technology. This scalar control feature adjusts the brightness of the LED lights in the television so you can adjust the screen to exactly what you need for optimal viewing comfort.

Best 55 Inches TV - TCL 55P607 55-Inch Smart LED TV

This is a flat panel TV, so you will still be able to view any media on it like DVD’s, Blu-Ray, cable, streaming TV etc. This television has over one hundred and twenty channels. This is comparable to other televisions on the market today. This TV has a sleek and slim body, which makes it easy to place in your living room.


  • High-quality pictures
  • Clear motion content
  • Smart functionality
  • Three HDMI slots

This TV is capable of being powered by six different sources including the stand-alone adapter and AC adapter. This TV offers a lifelike picture and sound for all viewing needs. There are different brands of the TCL 55P607 including the Dell, Sony, and Samsung. In order to get the best deal and for you to get the most value for your money, you should compare the prices of each TV. The prices of these TVs vary greatly and buying a TV can become quite expensive.


LG is one of the largest and most well known companies in the world today when it comes to television technology. While there are many other manufacturers that churn out great flat panel TVs for sale, none of them compare with the quality and performance that LG produces. One reason why they have been able to maintain a top place in the industry for so long is because they are continuously upgrading their technologies, which allows them to produce TVs that are better than ever before. One of the latest technologies that they have introduced into the market is the LG OLED55B6P HD smart television.


The LG OLED has some of the most cutting edge technology that you can find on a television today. What makes it all the more impressive is that it comes at a price that won’t break your budget. This is because this is a very advanced technology that is only available in LG’s new line of televisions. In fact, the cost of this model is much lower than most smart televisions on the market today.


  • Smart functionality
  • Four high-speed HDMI slots
  • Good picture/video quality

You may be wondering what makes the LG OLED55B6P HD smart LCD television such a smart choice for consumers. For one thing, it sports a flat screen and is a notch less compared to normal televisions. It also offers a very sharp viewing resolution that rivaled even the sharpest plasma televisions. When it comes to content, you will be surprised to know that it offered more than 50 channels, more than the combined number of DVD players and Blu-ray players in the market today. The cost of this model is very affordable, which means that it is worth every penny.

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5. Samsung UN55MU6500 Curved 55-Inch Smart LED TV

Recently Samsung launched the curved UN55 MU6500 smart LED television. Curved screens are one of the most in trend nowadays. It makes the room look more spacious and makes viewing easier while curving is more natural for your eyes as compared to flat TVs. It also gives a better viewing experience as you can view wide parts of the screen at the same time. This TV is curved but at the same time very slim and light. I think we all know that thinness has become a necessity for today’s technology and curved screens definitely fit the bill.

TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand – SmartSWIVEL

The curved screen has an ultra light technology and has a thin bezel, which makes it more elegant than any other normal TV. If you have a huge TV, you can now make it more elegant and chic with this new curved design. The TV is flat and thin and it offers a rich colors, sharp images and high resolution.


  • 120-motion rate
  • One-remote control
  • Pure, vibrant color
  • Four times more pixels

It has built-in speakers and comes along with Quick Panel and Eco Guide. It also has the usual features that one would expect from a flat screen TV. It can connect to your home wireless network and has a Secure Digital Video (SD) port for use with SD cards, has built-in Wireless USB Port, and has DTS Studio Sound. Apart, from that it also has THX certified bright screens for a great viewing experience.

6. Samsung UN55MU7000 55-Inch Smart LED TV

The Samsung UN55MU7000 55-Inch Smart LED TV continues to deliver state-of-the-art performance for multimedia consumers. Combining a full HD (High Definition) resolution for true, crisp definition, as well as a wide screen display, the slim form factor makes it easy to place in tight spaces, such as small bedrooms or offices. This modern television has a combination of an extremely thin bezel with deep bezel optimization to provide a rich display. The slim design also allows users to place the television easily where ever they may need it, whether watching a movie at home or on the road. With two powered by one 55-inch touch screen, the size of the television is optimized for all users who love the flexibility.

Samsung UN55MU7000 55-Inch Smart LED TV

With an improved image quality, users can enjoy their multimedia experience through the powerful Samsung Plasma TV. In the United States, the plasma TV market will remain strong for the foreseeable future due to the features offered by this television. Consumers are able to view high definition video with the sharpness and clarity of a traditional television set with the added benefits of a touch screen. The Samsung UN55MU7000 can be connected to multiple devices, such as a laptop or notebook, so that users can take their multimedia experience to the road with them. The remote control features built into this television set allow users to control the TV, audio systems, and even the heater and fan. In addition, the two built in speakers located on the top and bottom of the television provide sound that is highly reliable and loud.


  • High definition pictures
  • Digital Theatre systems
  • One-remote control
  • Authentic motion pictures

The slim design of the Samsung UN55 MU7000 makes it perfect for those on a budget. With only a few dollars each, it’s possible to have a great TV like this at home without having to invest in a large stand-alone television. Since it is a plasma television, it is smaller than most televisions, making it easier to place in a room or space. One feature the television offers that sets it apart from other televisions is the fact that it has an “always on” feature. Although the picture quality may not be as bright as other televisions, it provides crystal clear images that are bright and crisp.

7. Samsung QN55Q7F 55- Inch Smart TV

Samsung’s QN55Q7F is a flat screen mobile smart television that is equipped with Samsung’s TouchWear technology. This is the company’s answer to providing mobile users with televisions that feel and look like regular TVs. As usual, this TV comes with a wide range of features and it also comes in different colors. The Ezel TV is also capable of functioning as a PC by means of a USB. This means that the television can act as a computer when it is powered on.

Samsung QN55Q7F 55- Inch Smart TV

The touch screen of the Samsung QN55Q7F is not as responsive as some other flat screen televisions are. However, it does have a very bright backlight and an extremely large viewing area. Aesthetically, the Samsung QN55Q7F looks like an upscale flat screen television. It is made from high quality Samsung LCD TV glass and the whole unit weighs around 2.2 pounds. Because of its lightweight, the television is easy to transport and the box it comes in is quite small and compact.


  • Q contrast system
  • Detailed users’ manual
  • Smart remote
  • Dense color volume

A TV box like this is very useful for people who travel a lot and need to keep their television safe. Another great thing about this television is that it also operates as a PC because it can be used as a laptop. In fact, it has been said that the mobility aspect of this TV is what makes it so popular among smart phone users. The Samsung QN55QF is available at a very affordable price. It is loaded with features including a memory card, Wi-Fi, USB and HD video output. This mobile TV from Samsung is guaranteed to provide excellent image clarity.

8. Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA 55-Class Smart LED TV

The Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA 55-Class Smart LED TV has a lot to offer. It is one of the most powerful flat panel TVs today, able to deliver high definition video and audio through its Widescreen mode. This television also has a built in network connection, which allows users to access live television programs from around the world. Other features include:

Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA 55-Class Smart LED TV

With the Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA you can view high definition content without any degradation in picture quality. A built in Wi-Fi connection gives users access to the Internet with no wires required. There are two wireless options available on this television, Wireless Site Coverage and Wireless Airplay.


  • 120Hertz refresh rate
  • High-quality pictures
  • Voice control from Alexa
  • Backlight drive

The Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA offers the ultimate home entertainment system with the combination of a high definition television and the ease of wireless connectivity available from its convenient television stand. Easy to use, the easy to set up remote control makes it an all in one entertainment center. The screen has a very large pixels giving you a bright widescreen effect, making it easier to view your favorite programs. Connecting wirelessly eliminates the need for a TV plug, thus eliminating the clutter. Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi gives you access to watch your favorite online TV channels, whilst giving you more mobility than ever. The Sony XBR55X930E BRAVIA is an ideal entertainment solution for the family, with its stylish design and easy to use controls. Take the family out to dinner, or the office – connect them both to enjoy movies in high definition quality with the Sony Xbr 55X930E BRAVIA. Its affordable price point means that you can enjoy your movies and games on the big screen, whether you are at home or at work.

9. Sony X900E 55 Inch Smart Android TV

Last month I wrote an article about Sony X900E Smart Android TV. At the time it had garnered a lot of buzz and reviews. Based on what I had reviewed, I had to conclude that it was a good option. This is because of its great features such as Android interface and wide array of available content. But this is just the beginning, Sony is gearing up for a major launch in the fall and I believe we will see many new devices from them.

Sony X900E 55 Inch Smart Android TV

When Google announced that they are working on a new operating system for mobile devices, I believed this to be the main focus of the new operating system. This is because users will no longer need to deal with software installation and uninstalling. With the new mobile operating system everything will be ready to go from the first moment you turn the TV on. And the nice thing is, we already got an idea on how it will work.


  • Many connectivity slots
  • 120Hertz refresh rate
  • High quality pictures
  • Smart functionality

Currently Sony has two sizes of HDTV, the Xplod car series and the Xplod HDTV. The new model will probably support the second size. Sony is also planning to launch a new Smart TV interface and a new series of full-length movies. Whether or not this new technology will give the users the proper viewing experience will be determined by the end result of the launched products.

10. TCL 55S405 55-Inch Smart LED TV

There is no other better entertainment like watching movies at home with your TCL. This television is also a very handy device as it can help you watch your shows or play your video games on it whenever you want. It gives you better viewing quality because of its large flat screen. With its touch screen feature, you can control the programs that you watch and switch from one program to another easily. Its remote connection makes it a very convenient device. It has been designed in such a way that it can be easily connected to your TV set with the USB cable.

TCL 55S405 55-Inch Smart LED TV

The TCL TV has some advanced features like super bright backlighting so that it can save energy. Another feature is its large dual core processor and it also has the capability to increase the performance of your DVD and Blu-Ray player. The slim design and its long hours of battery life make it one of the best choices if you want to have a flat panel television at an affordable price. screen. The specifications will help you in choosing the right product.


  • Direct-lit LED
  • Smart functionality
  • Refurbishment certification
  • Three-month warranty

If you wish to buy a flat screen television, you should opt for the latest technology which is the flat screen TV. You can also browse the internet and check out the various types of TV that are available in the market. You can compare the prices and the specifications of the different TV models and then choose the most appropriate one for yourself. With the TCL TV, you are sure to have a fantastic picture quality. It has all the features that a television should offer.