Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2021

Best Dual monitor stands are a great way to get the most from your computer, especially if you’re spending a lot of time working on dual-screened applications or multi-tasking. These stands can be used for anything that requires two screens, whether it’s your twitter stream over your gaming screen, or your CAD drawing screen over your computer. The ideal dual monitor stand helps you view your screen conveniently in landscape or portrait mode. The VIVO dual HD Monitor Stand is currently top pick because of its impressively high display load, sleek yet sturdy frame, and tiny footprint in comparison to the other options.

1. Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is a new stand designed to accompany the Dell MDS line of monitors. This stand offers two stands with a combined dual display for an increased level of utility and productivity for your Dell monitor system. With this monitor stand, you can also add other devices such as printers, scanners, and even wireless cards for those that like to connect multiple items to their Dell computer system.

Best Dual Monitor Stands - Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

This stand has the Dell logo etched into it in a very attractive and eye-catching manner. It also has two separate sides which are crafted out of glass, giving this monitor stand a unique dual monitor appearance. This type of stand allows you to mount your computer monitor to two different sides at once. By doing this, you can adjust the aspect ratio of your dual monitor display screen to the exact ratio you need for your current setup.


  • Eye-catching theme
  • 3 lb capacity per arm
  • Versatile VESA plate
  • Fits 24″ monitors

There are many different styles of this stand. All of the different styles offer a certain style that works well with the Dell computer that you currently own. It is also easy to find replacement parts should you ever need to replace any part on this stand. You can also find several different stand designs online to browse through and decide on which one will work best for your needs.

2. IMtKotW Dual Monitor Stand Mount

iMtKotW is a new dual monitor stand mount designed by Jim Crennan. It allows you to use two monitors, or two “alt” screens, on one single unit. What is unique about iMtKotW is that it can easily be used with your existing mounting block and is designed to work in conjunction with any standard mounting block. The mounting system itself is designed to be incredibly simple so that anyone can easily do it themselves.

Best Dual Monitor Stands - IMtKotW Dual Monitor Stand Mount

iMtKotW is an ideal solution for using dual monitors if you are already using a stand mounting system. If not, then iMtKotW makes a great alternative to the more complicated DSL or PCI-E based mounts. With iMtKotW, all you need to do is press two buttons to switch to the other screen, and conveniently there are also buttons for brightness and sound output. All you really need for this mount is a bit of slack, some pliers, a drill, and your standard screwdriver.


  • Cable management
  • Durable aluminum
  • Tilt/rotate/swivel
  • Adjustable height (7.1″-24.5″)

If you like to play games a lot then you will like the way that this unit mounts. With iMtKotW you can have two display systems on one screen. You also get an easy to remove video cable so that you can connect your display system to your laptop or other computer easily. This is an excellent buy if you use your computer for a lot of different things, and even if you only use it for gaming.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

One of the most exciting features of Amazonbasics dual monitor stands is its adjustable hinging mechanism. The dual monitors are designed in a way that they can be adjusted as per an individual’s needs and requirements. These monitors use hydraulics to lock the two screens in place and this feature reduces the stress on the screens which will ultimately enhance their life expectancy. The hinged mechanism allows the screen to rotate vertically or horizontally as per requirements.

Best Dual Monitor Stands - AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

Amazonbasics offers many stand mounting options for single monitor stands, but the Amazonbasics dual range has some innovative features in store. The Amazonbasics Dual Adjustable Hinge Monitor Mount has been designed to allow users to change the hinged mechanism between two types of adjustability. The first type is geared towards conventional settings, which includes locking and non-locking mechanisms. The second type is geared towards providing more user adjustment, especially with regard to tilting, rotating and panning. Both of these types of hinged mounts have been manufactured using heavy duty engineering and are very durable in nature.


  • One-year warranty
  • Sturdy dual arms
  • Durable aluminum
  • Clamp-on design
  • Supports 40 lbs
  • Tilts and swivels

The stand also contains a specially designed pedestal with six vertically rotating legs, which are firmly attached to the stand base. The pedestal is provided with an option for tilting and rotation along three axes as per an individual’s requirement. This means that the distance between the left and right border of the screen can be changed by tilting and repositioning the pedestal to the desired level. On the other hand, the left border of the screen can be rotated 180 degrees and the right border can be rotated five degrees. There is also an option for switching between portrait mode and landscape mode by simply repositioning the display screen to the desired angle.

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4. VIVO STAND-V002 Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

The VIVO stand-vivo dual lcd monitor stand is one of the most popular products in the market today. It is a versatile multi functional product which offers the convenience of a mobile stand as well as the comfort and versatility of a comfortable computer desk. It can be used at any place, whether at home or work; and is suitable for those who are constantly on the move or those who have a hectic schedule due to their work.

VIVO STAND-V002 Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Viva Stand-Vivo dual LCD monitor stand consists of a sturdy computer pedestal, a single stand for the monitor, and two sturdy glass holders that keep the monitor securely in place. These VIVO stand-vivo units are created out of anodized aluminum, which is then finished with a black, UV protected, powder-coated finish. All of these materials together provide excellent quality and durability. They are designed to withstand shocks and vibrations that usually come along with working with electronic equipment. With its durable construction, this stand is sure to last for many years.


  • Clamp-on design
  • Fits 4″ thick desks
  • Supports 44 pounds
  • VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm
  • Long-lasting steel

The VIVO stand also has an adjustable swivel base that allows it to be placed on different heights. The swivel base makes it possible for you to be able to adjust the stand to any location in which you need it most, whether at home or work. The dual display feature of this stand makes it more practical than the traditional computer desk mounts as you do not need to physically move your monitor to read or enter data. This is especially useful when you are stationary at your desk and need to reach behind you for connecting the cables. Since this stand is designed with the convenience of a mobile computer monitor in mind, you can also take it with you whenever you move from place to place.

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5. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

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HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

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  • Cable management
  • Long-lasting frame
  • Supports 13″-22″ TVs
  • Weighted base
  • Adjustable riser

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6. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand Mount

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand Mount is created for those who are looking to improve the look of their desktops while adding high-end, yet compact graphics display. The stand is compatible with almost all major systems and is ergonomically designed. For those people who are used to using laptops on their desks, you will immediately notice the difference when you place the laptop on the HUANUO stand. This is because the weight distribution is much better. The laptop is well-distributed throughout the entire body.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand Mount

When you compare this monitor stand to the older models of stand mounting monitors, such as the iON and UT-series stands, you will definitely find the HUANUO stand much better. The HUANO dual Monitor Stand Mount has a fully articulation clamp-on system that allows the arms to lock into place and lock. The arm mechanism locks into place at the “marriage” position. The arm locks into place with the use of a locking nut, ensuring the utmost in security and stability.


  • Simple clamp-on design
  • VESA 100/75mm patterns
  • Fits 13″-27″ monitors
  • Full articulation arms
  • Support 17.6 lbs each

The HUANO dual Monitor Stand Mount also comes with a set of swivel feet for optimal viewing comfort, as well as an anti-fatigue feet and polyester fiber cloth for a comfortable feel. The product features an adjustable V-shaped arm that allows the user to adjust both screens, or both monitors at once for the ultimate in cable management. The arm is fully rotatable, allowing the height to be changed to suit your needs. The stand is designed for maximum cable management and a complete concealment of the components within its sturdy framework. The HUANO can be used at either a computer workstation or as an easy laptop mount for those on the go.

7. Loctek Dual Monitor Arm – Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

The Loctek Dual Monitor Arm is an ideal piece of multi-functional furniture for use in the office or at home. You will find that this item is very effective at creating a natural illusion of a larger space. The unique design of the arm allows for the monitor to be swiveled horizontally which provides a larger workspace. This gives you more room to complete your work with more efficiency. The device is made up of a metal frame with two flat steel arms that are able to adjust vertically, horizontally, and even pivot.

Loctek Dual Monitor Arm – Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Many people believe that a desk that has a single monitor on it is more functional than a dual monitor arm style. However, there are many reasons why you should consider using this style to create the illusion of more space in your office or home. If you have a smaller desk then the dual monitor arm will allow you to view multiple screens easily from any position. Not only can you have two monitors side by side but you can also have three monitors if you need to. There are many different styles available on today’s market as well as online so finding exactly what you need for the space in your office or home will be easy to do.


  • Gas spring hover system
  • Full articulation system
  • VESA 75/100 support
  • Supports 11 lbs per arm

There are many people who purchase this type of unit simply because they like the way it looks. They don’t realize how useful it really is in terms of use. When someone purchases these types of items they usually get them because they like the way the arm looks. Loctek understands this and continues to improve their designs each year. Whether someone needs a dual monitor arm for a home office or they need one for their business, there are plenty of options available that are sure to meet someone’s needs.

8. Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

Viozon is a leader in the computer monitor market with their award winning products, Viozon monitor is one of them. Viozon monitor mounts are designed to meet all the needs of your computer monitor whether it is for the office or home use. If you are looking for a convenient, affordable and easy way to make your computer look good you may want to consider Viozon monitor mounts. These computer mount accessories allow you to easily mount your monitor to your desk or shelf giving you the option to keep your monitor in the most optimal viewing position while working at your computer.

Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

Viozon computer monitor mounts can be used with or without stands while ensuring the optimal viewing position. Viozon laptop mounts and stands come with a mounting plate that is designed to securely hold onto the base of your computer, your monitor will not move while you are working, which allows you to be more productive. Also the Viozon laptop mount allows you to easily adjust the height of the laptop to fit your needs, most models are available with a height range of 30 inches.


  • Sleek design
  • Monitor & laptop mount
  • Support 19.8 lbs
  • 100% aluminum
  • Tilts/swivels easily

When it comes to video, audio and data cables, Viozon has you covered. With a large variety of audio and video cables, Viozon can offer you what you need to connect your monitor to your DVD player, speakers or a mixer. You can also use Viozon’s monitor riser to easily raise your monitor from its optimal viewing position for different workspace tasks. For those who like to do a lot of cable routing Viozon can handle all your cable connections making it easy to route wires through your workstation or home office. The Viozon monitor mount makes connecting all your computer hardware and peripherals easy and efficient.

9. TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand – SmartSWIVEL

Technology Serge Advanced Dual Monitor Mount Stand is a new type of stand that allows the user to mount two monitors with an easy twist and turn of the mechanism. This technology is a modification to the normal mount system, which requires drilling holes on the walls. The twist and turn feature of this system allow mounting the monitors at any angle that one would prefer. One can also rotate the stand for different viewing angles as well. The arm of the stand comes with a rubberized covering, while the pedestal is made out of a hard-wearing material.

TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand – SmartSWIVEL

With the use of the built-in clip, one can easily hang the display as well as the mounting station on the wall at an angle that is convenient for the user. This technology allows the user to adjust the screen to the desired height and angle, thus allowing the user to adjust the viewing angle of dual-screens, either vertically or horizontally. In order to maximize the performance of the display, the bracket is designed to prevent the projector from hitting the edge of the display unit. As a result, the image is free from smudges, dirt or smudges of any kind. It is made with a high-grade aluminum and chrome-plated steel frame, providing a sturdy support to the display unit while still allowing the cables to connect without interference.


  • Three-year warranty
  • Full range of motion
  • 75/100mm VESA pattern
  • Supports 20 lbs per arm
  • Fits 30″ monitors

This stand also comes with an easy-to-use mounting kit that allows anyone to adjust the stand to an appropriate height, as well as an optional swivel base to place the monitor on. One of the main issues with utilizing display stands when using multiple monitors is the issue of space. The Serge Advanced Dual Monitor Mount Stand solves this problem by providing two adjustable positions in one mounting platform, allowing users to optimize the viewing area without having to reposition the stand. Furthermore, the swivel base provides an extra measure of security for the display unit and cables, ensuring the cable’s safety while securely holding the unit in place.

10. Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount

The Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor is a combination of two monitors, a full motion display monitor and a desk mountable monitor. I don’t know about you, but that is pretty cool indeed. This monitor has a very nice full-motion display that really is top notch. It has a very quick response time and is crisp as can be. If you are looking for a solid gaming experience then the Monoprice Smooth is definitely a step above many other gaming monitors on the market today.

Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount

The thing that sets this apart from some of the better gaming Monoprice models is the fact that it comes with two monitors. Many gaming monitors only have one dual monitor while others have too – often one on each side of the gaming keyboard. Not only does this cause problems when moving between games, but it can also make it difficult to switch between applications. With the Monoprice Smooth, you can move between programs while the other one is still functioning.


  • Fits 34″ monitors
  • Eye-catching design
  • Simple clamp-on system
  • 8 lb capacity per arm

In addition to the two wide monitors, the Monoprice Smooth Full Motion Dual Monitor also has a great gaming sound system included with it. I don’t even want to mention which sound system because it sounds bad enough on its own. You get a nice gaming sound system that controls the movements of your game camera in three different directions and reacts to any physical input. I think this may actually make playing a lot easier. The monitor itself also has a very sleek and stylish design and is very easy to use.