Best HDMI to RCA Converters in 2021

How to Choose the Best HDMI to RCA Converters

When you are looking for the best HDMI to RCA converters, there are quite a few options available. These converters are not all created equal and some of the cheapest and least quality converters actually have a much worse picture than some of the more expensive devices. Most HDMI to RCA converters are available at your local electronics store. Some will come with free installation, but it is also possible for you to purchase the device on line and install it yourself. This article briefly discusses the differences between the different types of converters, as well as how to choose the best HDMI to RCA converters for your needs.

1. Wonlyus HDMI to RCA Composite Video Audio Converter

A number of Witably TV Stands are available in the market today that may help you to easily convert analog signals into high resolution and crystal clear digital signals with the help of only a single cable connection. The Witably TV Stands are designed in such a way so as to provide maximum flexibility and versatility to the users. The best thing about these stands is that they come with two DVI connections and one VGA port that enable you to connect your LCD televisions with the help of VGA as well as DVI cables. All these are enclosed within a durable, powder-coated steel body. These stands can easily be folded and kept away without any difficulty. Moreover, if you want to move it around then all you have to do is just pull out the two cables from the sides.

Best HDMI to RCA Converters - Wonlyus HDMI to RCA Composite Video Audio Converter

These stands come with unique features such as folding mechanism, slide-out tray, tilting mechanism, adjustable height, parallel folding mechanism, shelf-mounted structure, and wall-mounting structure. In fact, there are many more features but most of them depend upon the stand type and model that you have purchased. You can find all types of Witably TV Stands in the online market but it becomes difficult for you to choose the best one because of the numerous offers that are flooding the market at the moment. Therefore, it is always advisable that you shop and compare different types of stands before deciding on the one that best suits your needs.


  • Plug-and-use design
  • High speed HDMI
  • Supports most devices
  • Effortless to set up

However, even if you choose the best stands but later find them damaged, you have the option of exchanging them with the help of different accessories that are readily available in the market. There are people who prefer to buy the stands with the help of the manufacturer’s warranty so that they do not need to spend extra money on repairing them. Also, if you are planning to buy a new television set then also you must see to it that the furniture is designed according to your preferred style and color. You have to keep this factor in mind so that you can get the perfect television set for your living room.

2. eXuby HDMI to RCA Cable

The new version of the popular HDMI to RCA cables are of high quality and have been around for quite a while, but there has always been one caveat. While they do offer a great bit of flexibility when it comes to the connections, the prices have always been rather high. It’s as if the companies that make these cables want to ensure that you only get them from a company that will charge you an arm and a leg for them. If you are looking for a quality digital connection to your home entertainment system and your television, then you need to know that there are other options. There are options such as the eXuby HDMI to RCA Cable which can give you all of the flexibility that you are looking for at an affordable price.

Best HDMI to RCA Converters - eXuby HDMI to RCA Cable

What is interesting about this cable is that the majority of retailers are offering them at extremely low prices, which means that there is no reason to believe that there cannot be a high quality cable that is available at a better price than the eXuby HDMI to RCA Cable. What makes them so attractive is that the cables actually use two separate cables for each source. You can connect the video cable to the left ear piece of the cable and then connect the audio cable to the right. If you have a receiver for your television, then this is the preferred option. For those with a surround sound speaker system, however, this may not be the best option since they would need to use a separate amplifier to accommodate both sources.


  • 5 foot cable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Thick, plastic cables
  • Supports most devices
  • High speed system

Once you use eXuby HDMI to RCA cables in your home theater or for your surround sound system, you will notice a huge difference. There are less distortion and less noise on the audio tracks. Your music will have a much better quality and sound. There is no guess work involved, because you can easily see what is going on with the cables. This type of high quality connection offers you everything that you have been looking for without overpaying for it.

3. iSimple ISHD01 MediaLinx HDMI to Composite Video/Audio Adapter Cable

The iSimple ISHD01 MediaLinx HDMI to Composite Video Audio Adapter is designed for connecting to the analog TV signal. It allows you to convert your existing DVD or VCD player to a television using an optical input and also to use your existing home theater system with component video connectors. iSimple has several advantages over other similar products. In addition to being able to convert a DVD or VCD to a television signal, it also provides you with a way to view your movie collection on your television set, even if your system does not have a built-in television tuner.

iSimple ISHD01 MediaLinx HDMI to Composite Video Audio Adapter Cable

iSimple’s optical audio adapter eliminates the need for a separate Video Interface and eliminates the need for extra wiring, an antenna, or a transciever. You simply plug the iSimple through the back of your TV and use the included optical audio cable to connect your audio devices such as DVD players, recorders, game consoles, etc. to your television. iSimple utilizes superior video and sound quality, so you get crystal clear sound and video.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Four foot cable
  • Support all devices
  • Plug and use design

Another great feature of iSimple is that it offers a full range of connectivity options. If you desire to connect your iSimple to your home theater system, iSimple can be easily hooked up to a conventional VGA video cable to allow you to connect your system to your TV. The iSimple can also be connected to an analog VGA video cable, which provides you with a way to view your recordings on your HDTV as well as providing you with superior audio quality for listening to your recordings. The iSimple is an ideal product to utilize if you are looking for a product that offers high performance in a compact form factor, and is also simple to hook up and use.

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4. Musou 1080P HDMI to RCA Composite AV Video/Audio Converter

The Musou 1080P HDMI to RCA composite video converter is basically the result of the innovative technology of digital video cameras, which has made it possible to record high quality video with very little storage space. The converter box of this converter box is actually a component which needs to be fitted in your camera before you can start recording. You will find that this is one of the smallest converters that are on the market. This particular type of converter box is perfect for those who are on a budget and do not want to spend much on converters.

Musou 1080P HDMI to RCA Composite AV Video Audio Converter

What makes this HDMI to RCA composite audio converter so popular is that you are able to send audio from your video camera directly to your personal computer. Once you have this done, you can connect the audio converter box to your personal computer through the USB port to transfer the video into an analog format. After this is all completed, you will need to use your sound card to transfer the sound from your computer to your speakers. What you need to keep in mind is that not all sound card drivers will work with this new converter. You should check this with the sound card manufacturer when you get your sound card.


  • One year warranty
  • Money back guarantee
  • Compatible with HDCP
  • Plug-and-use design

If you are using the Musou 1080P HDMI to RCA composite audio converter box with your television set, it is important that you check the cables of the TV that you are going to connect to your new converter box. You should always make sure that the audio cable of your TV is compatible with the audio card of your converter box. Sometimes, there could be a problem with the signal if there is already an existing analog audio cable connected to your TV. In this case, you may need to change the audio cable that you are using.

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5. Enbuer HDMI to RCA Converter

Enbuer HDMI to RCA converters is becoming very popular because the HDMI converters have proven their efficiency and their capability to convert the HDMI signal into the RCA signal that is used for home theatre. The HDMI converters from Enbuer have been proven in many consumer evaluations and ratings, and have consistently been able to deliver clear and clean audio and video with an excellent picture quality. The company has also developed its proprietary technology called DVI to HDMI conversion, which is said to be the future of home theatre.

Enbuer HDMI to RCA Converter

The HDMI converters are available in many configurations such as mini, full or premium. They can be used with a variety of home theater devices such as televisions, home theaters, DVD players and plug and play devices. They can be used to convert the analog signals into digital, which can be transmitted over the Internet using high speed Internet connections. Some of the features to look for in an Enbuer HDMI to RCA converter include the quality of audio and video, the resolution of the video and audio signals being passed through the converter, the amount of bandwidth that is used and the compatibility with different types of devices. The prices of the Enbuer HDMI to RCA converters vary according to the configuration that is purchased.


  • Rust resistant connectors
  • Heavy duty cables
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Supports most devices
  • Plug-and-use design

It is important to purchase the right Enbuer HDMI to RCA converter for your home theater system as not all are designed with the same specifications in mind. One must first do their homework and research the market to determine the specific needs of their system in order to determine the best possible converters that will meet their needs. Then they must compare different brands and models to determine which one will give them the type of performance they desire. There are many user reviews that can be found online to help in the evaluation process. Once one has determined the specifications of their home theater system, it is then time to visit their local electronic store or browse the many online retailers to shop for the perfect Enbuer HDMI to RCA converter.

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6. RuiPuo HDMI Converter to RCA

If you need to convert from analog audio to digital audio, then it is best if you choose a converter that is capable of converting between the two. For most people, this means using an RCA to HDMI cable or composite to HDMI. However, there are converters that can be used that do not convert the signal to either analog or digital. RuiPuo HDMI converters come in handy when connecting an audio source through your television. They offer the best quality signal out of any HDMI to RCA adapter or converter. The following is more information on RuiPuo HDMI converters.

RuiPuo HDMI Converter to RCA

One of the many advantages to using a digital to analog converter is that they are much cheaper than analog converters. Since there is no conversion process involved, they have the ability to be very small and very portable. In addition, they will allow you to use analog signals from high resolution televisions and other sources. This is why they are so popular, and they are available in most online retailers at affordable prices.


  • 1080p analogue images
  • Supports most devices
  • PAL and NTSC support
  • Long lasting parts

When you are looking for a converter to use with your RCA connection, it is important to note that most products you find online are HDMI to RCA converters, but there are converters that can also be used with analog audio sources. These converters will provide you with an option for connecting your analog components to your television without having to change the type of connection. The majority of RuiPuo HDMI converters come equipped with RCA connections for your convenience. However, if you would prefer, you can buy converters that are HDMI to VGA or even VGA to HDMI. You can also connect your devices such as game consoles to your TV, which means you can enjoy the great picture quality that is provided by a sharp HD display.

7. Techole HDMI to RCA Audio Converter

If you are looking for a quality HDMI to RCA audio converter then the very best brand to check out and invest in is the Techole HDMI to RCA audio conversion machine. The HDMI converters by Techole are considered to be the best ones on the market because they provide the highest quality conversions available in the market and you can be rest assured that you will not have to look for another HDMI to RCA conversion ever again. The features and the high quality of the audio conversion that you will get with the use of the HDMI to RCA cable are simply amazing. You will be able to connect your TV to your computer, listen to your music system, watch your favorite videos, etc.

Techole HDMI to RCA Audio Converter

You will also be able to connect the computer to your TV using the USB cable that is provided with the system. Once the HDMI cable is connected then you can enjoy your multimedia experience with the television and you can even connect to your TV using the optical digital audio cables. These cables are great if you are looking to convert your analog audio signals into digital ones. There are no problems associated with the sound quality and you will not have to worry about missing out on your favorite song or losing that great bass sound from your favorite hip hop recording ever again.


  • Durable (aluminum)
  • Plug-and-use design
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Versatile compatibility

The other major problem that you will face with the older analog TV’s is they can easily become outdated and fail after some time and as a result you will not be able to view the channel that you want to watch. If you are a fan of the HDTV viewing experience then you know how frustrating this can be. You will be able to watch your favorite shows and programs without any interruption and also you will be able to see a higher quality picture than you ever thought possible. With the help of the Techole HDMI to RCA converters you will be able to take full advantage of your HDTV and you will never have to worry about losing the clarity and the quality of the picture that you are used to.

8. The Cimple Co HDMI to RCA Converter

Cimple Co HDMI to RCA converters is among the most popular converters on the market and are an affordable way to get connected to your TV. There are many different companies that make HDMI converters, but they all offer similar high quality converters. If you want to make sure that you get a quality converter, then you should go with a brand name like Cimple. They are available at all electronics stores and online at a reasonable price. Once you have purchased one of these devices, you can experience crystal clear picture quality and sound that truly make a difference in the quality of your video.

The Cimple Co HDMI to RCA Converter

Many people use a HDTV for their new HDTV and need converters to connect their devices to the television. These converters are not as difficult to install as you may think, and once you have it in place you will wonder how you ever got along without them! You can find these converters at a store near you or order them online. If you are shopping online, make sure you shop around and read some customer reviews to see which company offers the best converters.


  • Plug-and-use converter
  • PAL/NTSC support
  • USB powered system
  • Limited warranty
  • Portable

The prices range from about $100 for a simple single sided device to over a thousand dollars for a multi sided multi cable with DVI, VGA, and USB capabilities. Whatever you are looking for is likely to be available, so take the time to explore the possibilities. You will be happy that you took the time to explore the options and get a piece of the dream today. There are also many different brands available, so you should have no problem finding a device that is perfect for you. When you have a quality device like the Cimple Co HDMI to RCA converters, you will never look back.

9. Rasfox Powered AV/RCA to HDMI Converter

Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI converters are ideal for caravans and other portable multimedia equipment. Many people buy portable devices such as recorders and camcorders because they tend to be cheaper than the more common DVD players or game consoles. However, the cost can soon become an issue if you need to transfer your recordings to DVD, or even to a computer to watch the film on. The Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI converter makes it easy to connect these devices to your TV so that you can enjoy them, even on a rainy afternoon. These converters connect the AV input on your device to the correct HDMI output on your television, making it simple to connect the two devices and switch between monitors if necessary.

Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI Converter

There are plenty of different Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI converters on the market, so before buying one, it’s worth taking some time to look at a selection to see which ones offer you the easiest hookup. You will also want to consider the quality of audio and video that can be received from your device when it is connected to your TV. It’s often difficult to find converters that are flexible enough to handle high resolution and high quality video. However, the prices of some of the better converters do tend to be quite a bit higher than you would normally expect.


  • Heavy duty hardware
  • Supports all TV formats
  • 1080p analogue resolution
  • Detailed user manual

If you own one of Ras fox’s more popular models, such as the Raschel Convertible Camcorder, it might be worth looking around for a Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI converter that supports HD resolutions and High Definition picture quality. You may find that your device only accepts a standard definition signal, which means that you will not able to connect your Ras camcorder to your TV. The Rasfox Powered AV RCA to HDMI converter ensures that you can still enjoy high definition audio and video on your device regardless of whether it is connected to your television or to your high-end home theatre system. If you use your Raschel Camcorder primarily for recording purposes then this could be an important factor in choosing a converter.

10. IDallas HDMI to AV Converter

For those who are in need of a converter because of the many benefits it offers, the IDAHoshid is a product you should consider. A lot of people use it for the convenience it offers. It allows you to connect your laptop or a desktop computer to your television and then use a HDMI to AV cable to connect the two. What is nice about it is that you can easily change the input and output devices without having to connect the laptop or desktop again. The converter automatically detects which device to use. Just plug in the laptop or desktop and you are ready to use it.

IDallas HDMI to AV Converter

There are so many advantages to using the IDAHoshid, but it also has some disadvantages. One of the things you have to keep in mind is that these converters require an extra power supply, so it can be useful if your laptop or desktop is not powerful enough to use on its own. If you decide to buy the model with AC/DC adapter, make sure that you get one that is compatible with your appliance. The converters usually do not handle voltage very well and could give you some pretty funny results if it is not designed for your appliance.


  • Supports most devices
  • Plug-and-use design
  • 480i to 1080P HDMI
  • Maintenance free
  • PAL and NTSC output

The features offered by the IDAHoshid make it worth buying. If you already own a high-definition TV and want to make it a HD experience, this is the perfect solution. If you are going to use it on your plasma or LCD television, you won’t see much of a difference, as the color will simply appear as a gray tint on the screen. This makes it ideal for HDTV use. It is definitely a great option for HD users.