Windroy Emulator System Requirements – How to Install Windroy?

Windroy Android Emulator is an Android emulator for the Windows platform. The app has been designed to offer the user a full Android experience. Windroy does a good job of keeping the characteristics of the Android platform. When the app is first to run you start with the primary lock screen, which then gives way to the standard interface. The animations have been refined and the menus have virtual buttons. Windroy supports both full screen and windowed mode and different user interface resolutions.

Windroy Android Emulator

The app can be controlled using the mouse or keyboard. Windroy also takes advantage of the system’s performance capabilities and is fully integrated with other Windows applications, such Flash. Windroy also supports Ethernet and PPPoE, so that you can access the Internet within the Android emulator. Windroy is a good app for developers who need to test apps and users who want to view how Android works and operates. Since Windroy offers an exact copy of the Android platform, you can use it to test the functionality of the operating system onto your Windows PC.

Windroy comes in an installation package that is smaller than almost any other Android emulator. After a brief installation procedure which can be managed even by complete PC novices, the emulator will be ready for the first boot. After the app is loaded, you will be placed inside the emulated Android desktop of a custom tablet, with a landscape rendering and numerous tablet customization features that are present on the Android 4.0 platform.

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By default, the app launches in full-screen mode, but that can be changed using a bit of the complicated procedure inside the Environment Variables” section of the app. Because of the nature of this procedure, we do not recommend it for total PC novices who are not used to tweaking hidden settings of various PC apps.

Features of Windroy

WindRoy runs a 4.0.3 version. You can use the WindRoy android emulator on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista and Mac Laptop. It provides you the same Android device experience on your PC Windows and Mac. It supports UI resolution. This android emulator lets you change your device screen mode in windowing mode or full-screen mode. Also let you play games with a mouse, keyboard, and remote control. It supports IO devices. It’s integrated with windows and applications. WindRoy is a free android emulator. And easy to use. It’s the best android emulator for downloading random apps on PC Windows and Mac.

  1. Easy installation of new applications to the emulator (you need to download apk-file and add it to the «\data\app» folder.
  2. Updated Google Play.
  3. Graphic productivity is higher.
  4. Support of all keyboard, display, mouse, and network settings.
  5. To comfort work with screenshots and “gestures” there are hotkeys.
  6. Intuitively-understandable navigation.
  7. Full-screen regime.
  8. The emulator is compatible with Flash and Windows Media Player.
  9. Low consumption of system’s resources.
  10. Quick installation on a PC.
  11. Accurate imitation of Android OS version 4.4.2.
  12. High productivity.
  13. The emulator works like a real system.
  14. 3D Android-applications can be also launched with this program.
  15. All games developed for Android can be played on a computer.

Windroy Windows Android stands, this is a tool that helps users to run Android applications, Android emulator on your computer. If already using BlueStacks you will probably not unfamiliar with Windroy, because it will bring a very similar experience.

Said analog is by Windroy work with Windows kernel rather than the virtual machine VirtualBox methods like some other stuff. Therefore how its activity is minimal and not cumbersome like Genymotion or Android X86.

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What’s New

  • The current ported Android version is 4.0.3r1, the new version is being developed.
  • It can run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • It has exactly the same user experience with the original Android.
  • Integrated with Windows’ applications, such as Flash, Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Supports any UI resolution, such as 1920×1080.
  • Supports windowing mode or full-screen mode, window scaling in windowing mode, and switching between windowing mode and full-screen mode.
  • Supports all IO devices such as a mouse, keyboard, remote control.
  • Supports Ethernet
  • It keeps full Android capabilities. You can run all Android apps, including 3D games.
  • It has exactly the same user experience with the original Android.

Run Android Apps On Windows Using Windroy

If you could run your favorite android apps on a large and comfortable user interface, it makes the apps and games more interesting. Isn’t it? This can be made possible by running Android apps on Windows using Emulators.

You might have heard of popular app players Bulestacks and Youwave. Windroy is an emulator of some kind that lets us run Android apps and games on PC. It makes installation and launching of the apps easier in PC considered to a mobile. Most of the users complain that Bluestacks messes up the PC and it isn’t working fine on Windows 8 Operating system. So, we came up with an alternative to Bluestacks. If you like Bluestacks, you would definitely like the Windroy user interface more than it. Let’s see how Windroy works on Windows.

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Windroy Emulator System Requirements

Here you can find the system requirements that your computer must meet before downloading Windroy:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports Virtualization Technology (AMD-vt or Intel VT-x)
  • Processor: 800MHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • HDD: 273 MB free space on disk
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card (Graphics Card)

Windroy Latest Version

Latest Version Date Released
Windroy 4.0.3 24 May 2018


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How to Download Windroy

Windroy Emulator System Requirements

Use the power of computer hardware to run Android apps. Android and Windows are operating systems, one for the phone while the latter is for the computer. This is a tool which surpasses all compatibility issues, to allow windows to still use applications meant for the Android OS. At the highest performance.

Windroy is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system. It is in the miscellaneous category and is available to all software users as a free download.

Windroy is Android running with Windows kernel. It does not run by a simulator (such as VirtualBox), it’s on a real machine, so it’s fast. It keeps full Android capabilities. You can run all Android apps, including 3D games.

How to Install Windroy?

  1. At very firstly your need to get WindRoy Emulator File.
  2. Download WindRoy Android Emulator for Windows from here.
  3. Open WindRoy downloaded.Exe file and run the setup.
  4. While the installation system asks to agree on terms and conditions so do it, as you don’t have any other option.
  5. Login in WindRoy with your Google ID and proceed to next.
  6. Open Windroy and search your favorite app in Google Play Store then install it. As you do on an
  7. Android device.
  8. Locate your app on WindRoy home screen and use it.

Windroy Emulator Set-Up

The setup is only 82 MB in size. Simply download the .exe file and open it to install it in your Windows PC. I am going to try this software in Windows 8 PC.

Windroy currently uses the Andriod 4.0.3 operating system. It is only offered for Windows operating systems at this time. It is available in 26 different languages and is completely free to download.

Windroy is a great choice for creators or skilled computer users. It starts quickly and without a lot of fuss and once running is easy to use. For those who have a computing experience, it isn’t hard to use and runs very intuitively. It should be viewed more like a sandbox space to try things out rather than a replacement for a daily-usage phone.

Windroy FAQ’s

What is the Windroy Android emulator?

Windroy is an Android emulator for the Windows platform. The app has been designed to offer the user a full Android experience. Since Windroy offers an exact copy of the Android platform, you can use it to test the functionality of the operating system onto your Windows PC.

How to install Whatsapp on Windroy?

Start Windroy. Go to Apps screen and you will see the “Apk Installer” icon. Call it and navigate to where you put the .apk that you want to install. Double Click on .apf file.